How About A Fair Go auDA?

This is an article based on what I posted on LinkedIn today.

I have always been a believer in the concept of giving and getting a “fair go”.

My other “big thing” is competition. I believe that competition brings out the best in any marketplace whatever industry they may be in.

The premise of is that “you make your profit when you buy”. Competition makes this possible.

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The auDA is Australia’s domain name regulator, and in the main, I think they do a decent job. There are many good people there.

Unfortunately, there is one area where they don’t pass muster (in my opinion). That is the promotion and encouragement of competition within the domain name industry in Australia. This premise is built into their obligations.

A simple example of this is an application made over 12 months ago by a company called Dropcatcher Pty Ltd. They wanted to become an accredited auDA registrar.

The people behind it have many years combined experience and technical competence in running an Australian registrar in the past. The CEO is known by auDA’s COO Bruce Tonkin. The process is supposed to take no more than 6 months.

They paid their application fee to auDA (we are talking thousands of dollars), and have passed every test asked of them. Yet they are still being stonewalled. The question is why?

A Fair Go

I believe most Aussies believe in the mantra of a “fair go”.

Our current Prime Minister Scott Morrison famously espoused this in a speech just before the last Federal Election in May 2019.

He pledged a “fair go for those who have a go” – check out his short video here.

I’m not sure whether this has filtered down to auDA? Oversight of this regulator falls under the purview of the Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts the Hon Paul Fletcher.

So come on auDA – how about a “fair go” for those that have a go? Or please tell them and the public what further they need to do to get your “probationary” tick of approval.

The Australian public needs competition.

Ned O’Meara

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in Dropcatcher – nor any other motive than wanting to see some additional competition in Australia. Their CEO is someone who has been a friend of mine over many years – and I simply believe he deserves a “fair go”.



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