The Opportunity That The New .au Provides

One of our sales on Profit this week was the 3 Letter domain name

This was acquired by a South Australian company that currently uses had been using the website address of – and they brand themselves as CHS – Commercial & Hospitality Services.

For unknown reasons, the registrants of, and did not apply for priority rights.

And thus, other opportunities were created

  • CHS had placed a back-order with their registrar, but were unsuccessful.
  • As a big investor in 3L domains, we successfully bid on many of these at the Drop goldrush auction – including We also acquired some through back-orders at Synergy Wholesale.
  • A few days ago I got a call from Tom at CHS, and we did a deal. To say the least, they are over the moon!

It is unlikely that CHS would have been able to acquire the premium unless they were prepared to pay a substantial 5 figure. 3L domains are seen as valuable cyber property.

But thanks to .au, they now have a premium short web address at a fraction of the cost. And can you imagine how easy email will be from now on!

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